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Plumbers tools designed to last!

All of our plumbers tools come with a 1 year warranty but are designed to last a lot longer than that.  With top quality internal parts, these are highly recommended tools.  We are a Zupper registered service agent and carry a large range of spare parts.  Happy to answer any questions you may have on...
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Zupper battery tools now with 6Ah batteries

Save time with a Zupper plumbers battery press tool for copper fittings. Plumbing in Australia involves getting the right tool to fit the pipe systems currently on the market. This tool does just that and uses interchangeable jaws for most, if not every pipe system on the market. Top trade quality and made for longevity...
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Now with 6Ah Batteries!

All of our battery tools now come with 6Ah batteries which gives you extra run time between charges. The battery features a handy LED indicator showing you how much charge you have left. Order a tool today and experience the difference....
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