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AVG Quickie Kit 15mm Storage Unit Standard Tempering & NRI-PRV Valve – QUIK15RCV

6 Pack



Includes 3 Way hot water outlet, Cold water inlet elbow, 4 Way cross compression & loose nut, Brass plug to cap off 4 way tee if no ECV expansion control valve used, NRI-PRV-15C Non return pressure reduction isolation valve, TVA15C Standard Tempering valve and Valve insulation.


  • Every thing you need in the one box – No missing parts on the job.
  • Quick and Simple
  • There’s a Quickie kit to suit – Gas storage, Electric storage, Solar hot water systems, and Heat pumps
  • Reduces the need for thread seal tape
  • Reduces the time on installations
  • Simple and & Easy to Assemble – All installations are done the same.
  • Flexible – Quickie kits can be modified to meet different installation requirements in various states and councils, i.e. the expansion control valve or pressure reduction valve can easily be added to the Kit
  • Easily accessible filters
  • Insulation – Insulation provided is UV stabilised and water resistant
  • Kits available in 15mm and 20mm

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